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I’m an expert in the multi-family real estate market and have been an investor in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 2013. I specialize in liquidating and acquiring units for my clients as a means of wealth management.



As a licensed Real Estate Agent, I’ve developed a range of services to make the liquidation & acquisition processes as straightforward and easy to accomplish as possible. I’m not just a professional Real Estate Agent, I’m a trusted fiduciary and wealth manager using Real Estate as business model.

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My main area of expertise is listing your property privately in house and being able to shop your assets to our brokerage's list of clients. No matter your requirements, I provide all the resources and guidance you need to in obtaining a seamless transfer to a qualified buyer.

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Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to know what you are doing. When it comes to purchasing assets our team at Canopy Road will assess your requirements and guide you into the best possible case scenario for purchasing. This entails a full scale market report & pro forma analysis of the properties both on and off market that may be available to add to your portfolio.



The highest compliment is your trusted referrals. It honors me greatly to receive your trust in business.


Nathan & Canopy Road delivered when the chips were down and got rid of my headache.

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